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What is Healingenergetics ?

In this ever increasing busy lifestyle where everyone is finding less time to take care of themselves Healingenergetics would like to present a different way to lift your voltage by tuning your Biofield to help alleviate psychological and physical problems that is affecting health. Modern day stresses have overtaken our true purpose in life if you ask yourself was it meant to be this difficult then maybe it is time to take a different approach as awareness is the first step in healing. Tune up your electromagnetic field and your body will feel the difference as trauma and stressful events carry with you through out your life. Release the baggage from your life history and transform to the person you want to be.

Your Physical body is a tremendous organism it can take much punishment from contaminants and pollution. Unfortunately not all our food and drink is healthy and carries much of these contaminants, preservatives & additives that can also cause health problems. To clean or flush out the human body system one of the best methods that I have come across is Mineral Zeolite which can be taken in Powder or Pill form to help clean out all the unnecessary waste that stores up in the areas of your body that it is not needed. Pure Australian Zeolite powder has been proven time and time again as it was formed during the Carboniferous Age and is one of the oldest commercial zeolite deposits in the world.

Healingenergetics also recognizes that there is more happening around us than expected. what is particularly important is the invisible world around us the air we breath the food we eat and the electromagnetic fields that surround the human body. Healingenergetics offers a EMR test being a Electromagnetic Radiation scanning test at your place of residence to find out if any devices are affecting your health.  It is now becoming increasingly obvious that devices such as WiFi modem/routers, Microwave ovens, Mobile phones, Electrical cables in certain cases can be causing health problems.

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