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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

January 2, 2019 Healingenergetics


If you had a choice to help recover the physical body from trauma unhealthy foods would be on top of the list. Unhealthy Foods can cause unhealthy thoughts and depression due to the toxins and chemical reactions that are absolutely fermenting in the human body. Unhealthy Thoughts are not necessarily the pinnacle of bad foods but it is a symbiotic factor worth considering in this modern day and age.

Other factors that cause unhealthiness is psychological malpractice using undue influence which is being force fed all around us in advertising, news, institutions, politics and more but that is another topic for another time. Getting back to the topic what you put in to your body really does affect who you are and unfortunately society is very much declining in their health without even realizing what the hell are they putting in to their sacred temple the human body.

The question is are you serious about your health as it seems in this modern day and age you will hear about a friend of a friend who has cancer and terminal health problems and they are only young. Through out the years the nutrition in food has declined why do i say this you ask it is because when you do a test between organic foods and supermarket foods you can taste the nutritional difference although some supermarkets are now starting to invest more in organic foods most of what you see on the shelves is addictive sugary carbohydrates manufactured in mass mainly for profitable purposes.

It is not an easy task to change your diet as likes and addictions can run deep with many years of your favorite snacks and food habits at hand. First of all I would recommend cutting back on soft drinks where possible as the additives and amount of sugar in soft drinks far out weighs what is needed and unfortunately that also includes some juices that are presented to the public which also has a high sugary content. Pure water and I say 100% pure which means filtering your water would be the best start to changing your diet. Pure water is nourishment to the body because it is natural and that is what the body needs. I would invest in a Water Filtration system which also cleans out heavy metals and fluoride and believe me you will get to appreciate the taste of pure water because the body will be receptive to it.

Unfortunately bottled water from shops has been known to have high alkaline levels which can also not be so pure for the human body. The best start to changing your diet is drinking more 100% pure water so invest in a well known water filtration system and you will see and taste the difference overnight. Your body will appreciate the change as for many thousands of years fresh water was the main staple of the human diet until profit and sugar has overwhelmed the liquid industry in this last 100 years.