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Be your own leader

Be your own leader

January 13, 2019 Healingenergetics

The only savior is yourself  when it comes to action in your life. Unfortunately many people on this planet truly do have a salvationism complex expecting others to make decisions for them and not using discernment to take there own important life decisions. I do not necessarily blame people for this phenomenon as we have been born in to a world that encourages authority over others and  for leaders to rule over us and to obey orders throughout your life. Education systems, the political system and religious systems expect us to follow them for whatever decisions they make that affects our livelihood usually without our fullest consent. We are to busy on the farm so to speak to acknowledge every decision around us that is being made on our behalf but the very fact you are reading this article has confirmed to yourself you already know what I am writing here and that you are ready to take the next step in life to improve your situation.

As a Energetic Healer I have done many courses in alternative energy systems and met many different types of people. I have come to the conclusion that if you do not have some kind of discernment in your mind you can get lost in all the hype and become addicted to giving your human power over to the Guru Teacher or as some of you might know as the quite obvious Fraudulent spirit entities called the Ascended Masters. I call them fraudulent due to the fact that they may be real in some peoples belief system but really what you are doing is completely giving your human power over to some entity or entities to make decisions for you without even knowing what affect that is having on your own health and psychological thought process. Some people I have met follow these entities like a fundamentalist religion and I can tell you their health is often in quite bad shape physically or psychologically as they seem to have all different kinds of health problems and delusions of grandeur. Using my discernment it is obvious to my self that these fraudulent entities are energy parasites who dupe humanity again and again to give them your power. It is up to you if you resonate with what I am saying here but from my observations the least unprepared will fall in to these fake spiritual parasitic traps and may sometimes be in this state of affairs their whole life.

Another energy type of energy parasitism is the new age bullshit movement where everybody meditates and bans all absolute supposed negative thoughts from their sane mind therefore creating a thought restriction program which is a major sign of a cult. The new age bullshit movement seems like another trap for people who are addicted to following a guru and feel enlightened being a part of a group who believes in the same mind control restriction belief system. I am not saying that meditation is bad in any way but for some people meditation does not suit them and they find relaxation in other methods for themselves as meditation is a personal choice and should be done for the right purpose and intent for your own personal improvement. Again use your discernment when learning to meditate if it doesn’t feel right it usually is not. The human emotional scale has a large variety of emotions happy, sad, upset, bored, fear, anger to name some and is an integral part of who we are. I want you to know that fear and anger is not necessarily a negative trait as it can save us from unfathomable acts that are directed against us otherwise if we did not have these emotional traits which is a part of our human blueprint then mean spirited individuals could do anything against us and harm us mentally and physically and we would not react in fact we would become such an easy target for the psychopaths that roam this planet that it would be like picking of ducks at the side show.

Human beings are not designed to be a hive mind mentality we are not insects as we have tremendous capabilities each one of us which has been dampened and restricted. It is our imagination and action that makes us more powerful it is our dreams that make us strive for what we yearn for our happiness and content and all the emotions that come with being human. We are much more than what we see in the world today as our capabilities are limitless as we all have that individual spark that has been given to us to go out and create a better society and a better way for all of us to benefit and show compassion for when it is needed. Us Humans can certainly reach for the stars but on whose terms so it is crucial to regain your independence and claim your own sovereignty. All our emotions have there positive and negative that is the polarity within us but sometimes we go to far with our emotions for example to much empathy can cause restriction of growth to the person you are empathy smothering destroying their independence. Empathy fundamentalism can also cause illness within yourself because you devote all your attention and energy to others and not to yourself. The hardest question about being human is learning to work with your emotions and not let them completely control you this is where wisdom and patience in your actions become important as well as  discernment which is a major part of knowing who you really are and not being a product of victim methodology of someones cult thought restriction program. Remember your mind body and soul is your own.

A former Reiki Master explains the New Age Cult Ascended Masters Deception how illness and psychological problems arise when believing in this mass mind virus. Unfortunately many in the New Age Cult follow these spiritual tricksters giving their power away completely losing their own inner being. Clearly this has been a distraught period in her life but unfortunately she still needs to attach herself to a belief system at the end of the video not yet realising that it is your inner creator self that you need to re discover and stop giving your power away to belief systems.