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Detoxing your mind

Detoxing your mind

January 18, 2019 Healingenergetics

I ask myself a spiraling question why does the human mind have no firewall or does it and why are we not aware how to activate it. The reason I say this is because this grand experiment that we live in this existence that some of us may question is evolving in to a bad dream a calamity that we have to correct. The correction starts with your own mind your own thoughts and your awareness activation that will make you question and search and then answer your new found perspective. Let`s face it some people in this existence are empty shells inside it doesn’t matter what wisdom and common sense you may advise their lack of awareness and their fundamental belief systems will lock their mind in to a thought paradigm box that is nearly impossible for them to break out of.

How do you break out of the thought paradigm box ? This is not an easy question to answer as it needs an internal perspective and a change in your thought process it is a challenge a heavy internal challenge to take the first steps. To initiate the first steps you have to want a new found birth of self discovery which includes a Tabala Rasa of some of your schematic thinking patterns but this is not an easy process as us Human Beings have habits and some of these habits run deep real deep in our mindset. Lets look at the obvious that people know that is disturbing them for example we all know Politicians are professional Liars and have EGO`s the size of a football field it is a probability that most of them are corrupt and do not care in any way whatsoever about our future to them it is about self gratification money and their Retirement Pension. Well most of us know this already so why do I mention this it is because the first step is to ignore them and phase them out as they are not worth getting angry over simply because for those who know both sides of politics the narrative is being controlled. This does not mean you have to stop looking at the decisions that they make but I ask you to not to give them your energy any more and switch them off or if you want to disconnect altogether do not vote for them do not give them any will to make decisions over your life save that energy for yourself.

Another step forward to detox your mind is to connect more with nature and take a rest-bite from the electronic world that is increasingly surrounding us. By all means technology is a magnificent thing but there is one thing that we have to realize the natural world and natural universe is not a electronic panopticon and that we are organic beings blueprinted for the earth and that we must experience this naturalness to stay in touch with our humanity. Go for hikes in nature and do not take your mobile phone with you also see magnificent landscapes for your holidays go for nature walks as often as possible an re-connect with your birth given right with Nature and the Universal Cosmos. To dive deep in to the digital world around us will only become a virtual reality where you will lose your humanity. The idiot box named applicably is another electronic device that I advise you wean yourself of from as if you really think that Keeping up with the Kardashians is good for your soul then all I can say is Junk in and Junk out you will become rubbish and your mind will become a garbage dispenser with a Narcissism virus that will only make you get mentally ill. Television is very addictive your mind goes in to a hypnotic state when watching the idiot box and the programs that you watch is exactly that programs that is why they named them that way and of course they will influence your behavior and the way you think.

I would also recommend doing more personal discovery by doing more research about topics that have real meaning and truth & honor connected to them. There is much information around us but a majority of it unfortunately is junk for the mind so become your own investigator about subjects that interest you and have more wisdom and truth connected to them. Keep away from the celebrity gossip and magazines that encourage you to stay in that reality because all it is doing is feeding the mind with childish arrested development keeping you in the loop of never discovering who you are. This will not be an easy task as we have gone through our whole lives saturated by drama & gossip in magazines and in the movies. To detox your mind the truth is you have to re-program yourself from the psychological conditioning you have received ever since you set your foot in to a kindergarten school as all your life you have learned to follow rules from superiors and take orders every step of the way. If you have gone from kindergarten right through to University then 20 years of your life has been a dedicated controlled experiment to be a follower of people and never question authority. By doubting your current reality we are led to questioning and by questioning we are lead to the truth. Question everything I say and never stop doing it.