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What is Spiritual bypassing ?

What is Spiritual bypassing ?

April 1, 2019 Healingenergetics

At this moment in time within this time period that we all are living in cosmic universal earth changes that are happening all around us. The structure that has been built to sustain us is becoming less and less applicable for the organic natural world that we are blueprinted for to exist. Many things are becoming closer to critical levels of extinction and I must say that the human race is on that list if we do not start to recognize the Selfishness, Narcissism and delusion that most people have encapsulated themselves with, then our future is  destined for failure. If a glass breaks, do you waste your time trying to glue all of the pieces back together?  Of course not. You get a new glass! The structures around us are broken mentally, physically and spiritually as what we relied on in past comforts and belief systems are no longer creating the glue to hold society accountable for their actions. It seems that we are all divided and conquered having multiple belief systems that in all factuality have been programmed into our psyche. Depending which flavour of the same coin of the control mechanism that you want to partake in they all have the same goal being a psychological virus that is like a mind host influencing your thinking patterns. This trait of behavior is not taking responsibility for all our actions that we partake in. Therefore the roll on effect is victim hood methodology always blaming others for your shortcomings and never taking responsibility for your own actions in life.

Many in the new Age cult also believe that giving their energy to the trickster Archangels or various Alien belief cults that they will come down to save us from this shitstorm that we are currently in. Realistically most good E.T`s would not want to come anywhere near this place as the toxicity here is beyond comprehension it is more than likely that only nefarious trickster E.T`s would benefit from this toxicity. I for one also subscribe to the values of Universal non interference because if every time a planetary experiment had the Creator or Creators save it then Creation wouldn’t learn absolutely anything would they so it is in my opinion that the experiment has to go the full circle within the guidelines that have been accepted by the Creator or Creators of the planetary system that has been decided on. Do not take my word for this value as there is also a probability that a more nefarious agenda is at hand here on this planet as the pain and suffering here is beyond any normal evolution of a universal species. Going back to the Creator value I did say guidelines previously as there is a possibility that  if certain boundaries are majorly crossed then necessary action would have to be taken. For example it is a probability that science now has anti matter in their sights which can be used as a weapon this is so powerful that there is research to suggest that anti matter weapons could blow up Solar Systems now do you think that this would be allowed especially if there is other life forms in the solar system that we live in think about it.

What psychological belief system doesn’t take your energy today makes you weaker for tomorrow. One thing that amuses me is the written language that we all subscribe to as the word belief has the word lie in the middle of it. The next Psychological Virus that is appearing among the populace is the re-branding of the good old tried and tested Guru methodology and that is the New Age Cult  worship. A Lotus meditation perhaps or love bombing hugs every time you visit the New Age Meditation group maybe ignore all things bad and only think positive thoughts and all be happy forever holding hands with flowers in your hair dancing in the fields because you know what all the worlds problems will simply just fade away into the sunset never to return
again. Yes I am being sarcastic but this type of New Age psychological virus is growing at a substantial rate. There could be many factors why the New Age Community is so vulnerable to this type of toxic ideology but then again we have seen this type of mindset denial throughout human history and it really seems that we do not learn anything from out past events or even have the capability to think through these situations. It`s just not the psychological factor it is also the feel good factor were feelings over ride any kind of discernment and unfortunately a huge chunk of the populace now very much only rely on their emotional state instead of utilizing their full spectrum of being human. The very best of our natural resources are using all our natural intuitions being our heart intelligence and gut instinct and also utilizing both sides of our mental brain power the right and the left sides using the necessary discernment to make decisions in every day life.

I have a saying Reality over Ideology as we all have to get back to reality of the situation that we are all in. We all have to face our Shadow side as some would say to face our dark night of the soul the more we resist the darkness about ourselves the more it will persist. Yes keep sweeping that dust under the rug nothing here look over there please because your feelings might get hurt. Where does the dust go oh that`s right it keeps growing and eventually might turn in to a mountain but that`s okay because we can make another infested dust pile over there. True spirituality is not avoiding the negative it is being both positively constructive and solving problems that arise so that the survival of the family your loved ones and the species can survive. All of us have to learn to look at both situations the good and the bad that is the balance that will occur within us the polarity we must conquer as to ignore the unpleasant will eventually come back at us at a furious rate. So what is Spiritual bypassing it is really showing your absolutely weak cowardly avoidance to all things negative in your life. I must agree that some problems are way to big for one person to approach but awareness of the issues at hand is very much the beginning of a solution in the making as the human consciousness will grow and transfer what you know to people on a similar wavelength helping stimulate the human awareness to another level of realization.

Spiritual Bypassing is really a delusional belief system of ignoring negativity & reality