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How to spot Fake Shamanic Healers

How to spot Fake Shamanic Healers

April 4, 2019 Healingenergetics

In a ever increasing society full of deception it`s high time that some of these Plastic Shamans or fake shamanic healers be called out for what they are. Let me make this clear there is many a genuine Shamanic Healers that have dedicated much effort and time in to this ancient skill set but unfortunately as times get tougher and people look for different ways to make a living you will see the rise and fall of these fake parasitic plastic Shamans. This will be a touchy subject  for those who worship or choose their Shaman as a demigod as the super human know-er of life.

The Plastic shaman is an opportunity seeker and will consult certain personality types that are usually weak minded or have life problems that need some form of assistance to rectify. The Fake Shaman might even have some training at hand and convince the general public that they are a fully indoctrinated Shamanic healer as well and claim that they have also previous experience in mental health or various other alternative health modulations to back up their claims. Their first step is to make you feel warm and fuzzy with their qualifications which you can not in any way get proof of what they are saying is true.

The top 15 Points that you have a Fake shamanic healer at your sights.

  1. It is highly likely that they have a multiple drug addiction problem and alcoholic fixation. This should ring alarm bells as this is the condition of a person who is definitely not mentally stable.
  2. The people that they prey upon are usually already partially mentally broken or weakened by life experiences to become a part of their exclusive entourage. You will usually see a group of people who will gather at meditations or events and will worship the fake Shaman for their every word that they are saying as they are being treated as a demigod.
  3. They believe in the Parasitic Fake Ascended masters as their gods and believe in everything that these deities tell them. There is many in the new age cult who fall for these deities as some alternative healers usually know at the end of their career that these deities are nothing but energy parasites that prey on the Human battery which is extremely powerful and these fake entities need a part of this to survive.
  4. Due to their drug use and heavy drinking the fake shaman is fully infested with parasitic entities and will be passing these entities on to their client base when doing supposed healing treatments. You may feel euphoric after a treatment but do not let that fool you as the new entity inside you has not yet come out of the closet.
  5. They manipulate you with very clever talk and you follow every word that they say because they seem to be intelligent and know what they are saying. Just remember that they have assistance from the negative entity possessions inside of them and these entities are helping them with their conversation.
  6. They are more of a witch/warlock than a Shaman and will practice the dark occult plus pentagram still claiming that they are a respectable Shaman. They are more in to black witchcraft/warlockery and they are using Shamanic Healing as a cover.
  7. They subscribe to the Luciferian doctrines and have been duped in to believing that this path is the road to enlightenment. Any one with common sense would know that this agenda is very dark indeed.
  8. They are usually Cultural Marxists in their political belief system and will even quote from Marxists ideologies from the Past. The lesser known fact about Socialistic Communism is it murdered up to 180 Million people in the last century alone “now I wonder” ! why they do not teach that in the modern day institutions.
  9. They do not up-skill their learning systems believing that they already know enough or know everything that needs to be known. In other words they think they know everything already and will not take kindly to alternative advise to their Supposed Shamanic methods that they use.
  10. You can not question their belief systems as with their Entity infestation they will be highly aggravated and start throwing abuse at you or just tell you to leave their Mind control group.
  11. The entourage that they are healing doesn’t really seem to get much better although some improvements might happen. realistically the fake Shaman needs an Income turnover and therefor needs there entourage or client base to keep coming back this could go on for years.
  12. They try to do Hypnosis techniques on you although they have never done any proper formal hypnosis training. If they have done any training it is usually a 2 day course or not much more as they do not have the stomach to sit out a 6-12 Month professional Hypnosis course.
  13. The Plastic Shaman is also heavily self indoctrinated and does not have the capability to use discernment outside of their belief`s. Therefor they have become fully delusional living in their aspect bubble of reality. This is why they are predatory for the weak minded because they will be able to enforce their demigod view on to these people in other words they have become a cult.
  14. They believe in the psychological operation of all things positive and political correctness and will not question negativity or any controversial narrative as it might break their belief system and also scare of their weak minded client base. The plastic shaman is Spiritual bypassing using their Spiritual belief system to hide from the reality that should be spoken.
  15. They own a Shamanic Drum but very rarely use it and when they do they seem to not know how to use it. The Shamanic Drum is usually on a wall just for show for clients to make the Plastic Shaman look more important and legitimate.

By checking these 15 points you should get an idea who they are and what they are trying to achieve. There will also be borderline Shamanic Healers that tick many good boxes but also tick many bad ones as well it is more than likely that this type of healer has been lead astray from their belief systems and do not even know that they are becoming dark. In writing this article please be aware that there is also many good shamans out there and they are very wise people that understand the spirit realm and are generally trying to help humanity overcome their faults.

This is a difficult topic to explain as us humans have many faults but I only ask for your eyes open and think before you dive in. Sometimes in life you have to have these experiences to teach you the lesson needed but it really depends on what lesson needs to be achieved. The biggest lesson of all is being able to disconnect yourself from any group when you are deeply invested into it. It is when you know something is not right as you have this growing awareness inside of you to make that thoughtful decision. This takes courage and strength to get past this stage when your true inner self starts to grow and guide you towards your moral center for what is right or what is wrong.