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VoiceBio how does it work

VoiceBio©™ is a unique diagnostic, screening tool which assesses both an individual’s physical and emotional energetics. The tools implemented for the diagnostic are a specialised microphone to get the best quality Voice print  & applicable software which will then do the diagnostic  needed for a Voice frequency snapshot. This will determine the high notes and the low notes of the body opening the path for improvement needed to maintain better balance throughout. The low Notes will represent a lack of functioning and the high notes will represent over activity.

The client must make sure to not have any food or water for at least one hour before the VoiceBio snapshot test as this will negatively effect the outcome of the snapshot from the software analysis. Upon arrival we will set up the VoiceBio equipment usually seating across from each other. I will then utilize the Microphone which is connected to my laptop Computer by asking the client three different questions to record a variety of  feelings and tones in the voice. Once this part is done a Voice analysis snapshot will be taken and then the applicable Notes that are to high or to Low will be discussed. A Spreadsheet will be presented with the necessary formulas to bring back your health to a normal balance. We will also discuss  a variety of health options that can be utilized due to the reading of the VoiceBio Chart.

Our bodies fueled by electro-magnetic energy and organized according to a unique DNA blueprint, the various organs, glands and systems of the human body are meant to function independently, yet as a whole. The heart, lungs, pancreas and nervous system all have specialized jobs requiring specialized resources. However, to maintain health, all systems and organs must be in constant communication and interacting equitably. If communication breaks down, or if excessive or prolonged stress is placed on one system or organ, an imbalance can develop, first presenting warning symptoms and then more severe challenges.

VoiceBio is a unique tool, the reason for this is when reading the Voice prints properly with the evaluation of the musical scale through out the body we can then go to the cause of the problem that might be arriving or might have already presented itself. Once this is clarified healing of that musical note or notes can be implemented through better nutrition, individualized formulas, aromatherapy, sound listening therapy with the applicable musical notes needed and much more. Healingenergetics has also created a Tuning fork formula once we know the musical notes that we need to work on. This is achieved by utilising our range of Musical Note Tuning forks to tune the applicable areas to boost the energy sectors needed in those areas.

Let’s look at an example

First, a case of physical problems initiating emotional upsets. Consider a female client whose voiceprint registers poor physical support in the frequency of G#. Her health history reveals several relatives with gall bladder problems but she shows no sign of such a challenge. This woman’s husband is a professional, his job requiring the couple to frequently entertain. Her daughter is a cheerleader, her son, a star player on the soccer and football teams at school. This client initially complained of never having time for herself because she was always chauffeuring and doing errands for her family. While she had a lack of physical frequency “hits” in the note of G# on her voiceprint, she did show a great deal of emotional stress in that note. In other words, she was compensating emotionally for a physical weakness she had inherited. Her emotions, while uncomfortable, were literally creating enough energy to keep her digestive processes going. When this woman started to build physical G# energy through nutritional and lifestyle changes, her emotional stress diminished. Nothing much in her life had changed, since she still needed to chauffeur, plan and entertain. However, she experienced a lot more strength and power personally when she didn’t feel the need to balance the physical with the emotional. Amazingly, she consequently had the courage to speak her mind to her husband, discovering he was quite positively supportive to her needs and ideas … and always had been.