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About Us

How we differ from other modalities

Hi my name is Luke and I have studied and researched many different types of healing modalities to bring into perspective an alternative method of treatment on the human body. Some of the Modalities that I have researched are Biofield Tuning Cert 1, 2, 3, 4 Pranic Healing  Cert 1, 2 , 3  Reiki Cert 1 & 2  Auric Healing Cert 1 & 2 and I have also dabbled in other healing modalities which I have not mentioned.

Myself Training & Learning Biofield Tuning

Although I have learned all these different Modalities I do not necessarily agree with some of the main stream energy teachings advised with them, although they do work to a certain extent and this all depends on the individual that you get to treat you. For what I can contemplate though many of the mainstream energy healing modalities do hit a brick wall and have limitations, and in some cases have been corrupted with immature belief systems.

The process of becoming healthy again

Universal Consciousness the awareness and manifestation of higher levels of healing and mending oneself is what I strive for, as intense research has shown that Sound creation comes before any light type therapies. In the beginning was the word and then came light therefore sound creates light as everything is absolutely resonating in frequency. Due to this knowing that sound created light I have decided to concentrate more on sound therapies such as Biofield Tuning, Acupoint Tuning & Planetary Tuning Fork therapies to help assist vibration cell structure recovery.

The Human energy field which can be classified in many ways such as the human Biofield or the Auric Field which carries all the scars and battles that we partake in. Therefore it sounds logical that this field would need some kind of biofield tuning for anxiety throughout your life and this is very much is what I can offer as well as assisting in healing certain conditions.

Chronic toxicity from the environment that surround us

Apart from Sound Therapy research I also have an intense interest in Formulas that help clear out Toxins in the Human Body. We are literally in this day and age swimming in toxins and the effects are becoming profound as toxins affect our psychological behavior as well as creates the onset of disease. Your bodily temple needs to be cleansed and you will see Products that will do just that on this website.

When you get to the essence of our existence DNA Activation is at the core of human development. The human body if well taken care of can live up to 150 Years as the ancient emperors of China had secret books that would store information on techniques and herbs that would pro long your life. Therefore Nutritional technology that cooperates with your DNA and cures nutritional deficiency as well as assist in life extension is a passion of mine that I have also presented.

The human blueprint is a beautiful universal grand design but due to modern day negative psychology plus the stresses and Toxic build up of life we are very much being handicapped from our very truest potential. It is this potential that can change your inner world to discover who you really are meant to be. I think self-discovery is the greatest achievement in life, because once you discover yourself and accept who you are, then you can fulfill your truest potential.