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Best Nootropic Nourishment for the mind

Why Ormus is the best Nutrient for the brain

For those who have watched the movie Limitless where a normal everyday guy takes an technology advanced pill which raises the IQ to genius proportions you would say that this is science fiction. I would say yes and no to this equation let me tell you why. Currently there is numerous factors that determine your mental faculties to function at an optimal level but unfortunately we are not utilizing these factors which comes down to certain factors.

Our Brain is being starved of the proper elements and Minerals needed for full functionality the reason for this is that our soils due to over farming have not been replenishing themselves with the process of natural minerals that the body needs. Currently we are not functioning at our most optimal level as our brain and body is being starved of necessary nutrition. To add more difficulty for our Neural processing Additives & Preservatives added to most of our foods are also fabricating nutritional deficiencies as well as sacrificing our health step by step.

Toxins are also entering our bodies in pandemic proportions through the fabricated foods with the Additives and Preservatives being the main factor. This is why a full detox is also needed to flush the body of all these toxins. Please check out my health articles on this issue. So initially we have a Shortage of natural Minerals and also are being practically poisoned by Additives and Preservatives. It also doesn’t help that Fluoride is being put in to our tap water which is known to lower IQ. It is well know that fluoride was used in Nazi & Bolshevik Gulag concentration camps to keep the prisoners docile so they will not rebel. This is most probably one of the main reasons that Europeans say no to Fluoride due to knowing the history of it`s use.

What is Ormus used for?

So what are the best products that we have come across that will repair your brain and stimulate your mind one of the better products is called Vancouver Island Ormus this product uses natural minerals from the sea to replenish the brain and bring it back to a higher functioning level. This is the key and that is going back to the most natural products available that the earth has provided.

What is Vancouver Island Ormus good for?

Benefits of ORMUS include: Improved brain function. Greater emotional balance. Cellular rejuvenation. Body purification & detoxification. Our formula is packed with 70+ trace minerals and can simply be taken daily to provide the body with the proper essential minerals.

“Ormus” or “Ormus Minerals” is the term we use to describe the base elements and minerals we extract from the ocean. Some of these elements are bonded to chlorine as mineral salts. Many mineral salts are created by the gradual breakdown of precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. Our Atomic Separation process causes the chlorine atoms to dissociate and allows us to extract the various minerals in the ocean in their original atomic form.

Our brain is an interferometric accumulator. What the heck is that, you ask? An interferometer is a mechanism for the collection and accumulation of opposing magnetic fields and which has the capacity of coupling these fields into an electromagnetic reaction. Our brain has a bi-toroidal reaction occurring inside of it, but also around it. This is the mechanism, the motor, the generator that creates our bodies electromagnetic reactions. The myth of using only 15 percent of our brain is exactly that, a myth. We use all of our brain. All of it. Our brain has a similar function to that of a crystal refraction or a Piezo reaction. It separates magnetic wave forms, and then combines opposing magnetic waves into an electromagnetic reaction. This is bio-electricity. The conduit for this reaction, the transfer mechanism between the chemical and the mineral and the bio-organic transfer of energy, is through this Orbital Reaction.

Our brain has two hemispheres for this reason. It couples these wave forms at the same frequency as the longitudinal waves on our planets surface, 7.83 Hertz. This pulse induces the reaction necessary to de-couple the chloride bonded inductive materials in our bloodstream, which provides the transfer of inductive fields into the mitochondria, the power plant of the cell, allowing the bi-toroidal reaction of the ATP conversion to take place. The process involves stripping the magnetic bond off the ATP and kicking it back out in two pieces.

“Monoatomic atoms have been observed to exist in all the heavy elements in the center of the periodic table. These are the elements which have “half-filled” bands of valence electrons and include the following elements. Their atomic numbers are given in parenthesis (the atomic number represents the number of protons in the nucleus.) Ruthenium (44), Rhodium (45), Palladium (46), Silver (47), Osmium (76), Iridium (77), Platinum (78), and Gold (79). Other metallic elements in the same part of the periodic table have also been observed in micro clusters. Because the atoms of monoatomic elements are not held in a rigid lattice network, their physical characteristics are quite different from atoms which are locked in the lattice. Thus, it is the grouping of atoms which defines the physical characteristics of the element; not just the number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus as previously believed. If you don’t have a lattice network, you don’t have a metal even though the atoms of the two forms of matter are identical!”