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Biofield Research & History

What exactly does Biofield Science represent

The Human anatomy is a very specialized design that has a specific blueprint that is unique in itself to make the human species. In recent times a new kind of science has been evolving that has come to the mainframe that explains in controversy about the human mind and the magnetic electric field that surrounds the human body. What also comes to the forefront is the ancient belief system of the Auric field which has been known throughout ancient history with modern day and ancient healers.

So the question is is the Auric Field the human Biofield Science that is recognized through modern research. The answer is yes as the modern understanding of the human Biofield is that it holds all of our life history from the day that you was born to the most modern day that you are living at this moment. Like the rings of a tree the Human Biofield stores all the memories of our life. Through trial and error Eileen Mckusic over the last 20 years has experimented with sound therapy being with Tuning Forks that is set with a specific resonance to map the human Biofield around the body. Eileen Mckusic`s Biofield Energy Research has developed a specific planned blueprint to where all treatment can be done to help heal Psychological & Physical problems.

Ancient Belief Systems correspond with the Auric Field

Ancient Shamanism & Soul Retrieval has for thousands of years also been a part of ancient mankind’s cultures. The Shamanic healer would through their expertise search for the Trauma that has been shattered from the person at hand which they are trying to help. The shamanic method would find the Trauma and then gently entice the trauma back to the original time period to rejoin the main soul of the individual. Biofield Tuning forks also find the negative patterns in the human Biofield once finding those muffled areas the tuner then seeks to correct the area that has been traumatized by bringing the correction back in to the field.

Science is catching up to ancient belief systems

Modern science you could say is now entering the realm of some esoteric healing systems and it is not suprising that the time has come for the two to meet so to speak. The Bio Morphic field is another advancement in ideas that talk about the evolution of the human Species Biofield Blueprint. Rupert Sheldrake speaks controversially about Morphic Fields that organise energy and the relation of Fields and energy. You can visit his website at https://www.sheldrake.org. Rupert also discusses electric and Magnetic Fields of Biology and other subjects intertwined as he goes in to much detail of the science of Morphic Fields.