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Claiming Physical Freedom

Mankind is living in the flesh and that it is very much relevant to who we are at this moment in time. To live in the flesh comes with physical challenges with your health as well as your mindset. We have to know that both physical and spiritual is one of the same and is not separate as many are lead to believe. If you devote your being to just a spiritual journey then you are disrespecting your physical being neglecting it starving your physical self of the necessary nutrition and knowledge that your physicality absolutely needs.

You are living in the here and now with a physical body and that is no mistake whatever the reason is for this existence. We must acknowledge fore-mostly who we are as many will seek external savior systems and religious indoctrination which are not bound to real codes of the Universe and that is the principals of Natural Law. Our current physical existence has been hijacked by man made laws as current calculations estimate there is approximately 80 Million man made laws to restrict you in every way inconceivable.

This does not in any way resonate with the natural stasis of the cosmological Construct as mankind in general have no rights. Instead they have ‘permissions’ transcending us in to a baby like state on reliance through punishment where our own internal thought processes have been switched off. This is not living as you are only existing under man made legalities, that control your freedoms without you expressing your Natural Law, which is expressing the governing dynamics of consciousness. A beautiful natural harmonic co-existence with the Logos in general is what our bodily cells and spiritual acumen very much seeks.

Although mankind has become completely reliant on external structures of control we only have ourselves to blame for letting this happen. Responsibility and reliance on our own structural physical integrity has been slowly eradicated in a slow drip feed of displacement of who we really are. Subterfuge, trickery and complete reliance on others which includes government has led us to rescind our own Natural Power. Within us is our Physical and our Spiritual which comes together therefore we must maintain balance and not become extremists in one ideology or another denoting either one of these equations.

Most importantly taking your health of your physical in your own hands is the beginning of respecting who you are. To believe everything that is being promoted to you without any kind of research or discernment by yourself is initiating and rescinding your own power and giving permission for others to experiment on your Physical body to do as they please. Taking care of your health is first and foremost the highest respect for your physical freedom because this means that you value life which is a gift created for us to learn and grow and to become knowledgeable and wise and to learn experiences never learned before. You will see on this website many tips to take care of your physical vitality.

Claiming your physical Sovereignty should not be needed as we are already sovereigns, without realizing the power within us we have neglected our sovereign strength allowing regulations to rule over us to the point of the absurd relinquishing who we really are.  We now have to  step back in to our own power as this video below will show you how you have been tricked all your life to rescind your own Sovereignty as this is the first step to empowerment and to release the chains on your Physical being. You are being slowly strangled to death so now is the time to meet your Strawman.