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Claiming Spiritual Freedom

When it comes to working on your spiritual self there is no easy way out. It is the inner work that will determine the health of your Spirit. There is no doubt that during these troubled times that many of us have relinquished this responsibility and that what we see today is the mirror of our internal neglect, where many will refuse to look at themselves but will be more than happy to criticize and ridicule others. There is many symptoms that arise from the emptiness inside with the Narcissism Virus being at epidemic proportions.

It would be fair to say that many out there in the world today are very much running on a spiritual emptiness, the void inside peoples eyes is troubling to say the least. Therefore does spiritual death await those who have no force resonance inside of them as Life without an ideal is spiritual death. We have become fascinated in our Ego so much that we have forgotten the true beings that we are and ignore the organic world that was created around us for our Spiritual and Physical improvement. We all are some what on a path of enlightenment but many will not manifest the lessons that life has given us. Many will choose ignorance over the inner work needed as distraction and Victimization provides a much easier path, therefore being much more comfortable at not looking at themselves but looking at others.

The path to reconciliation within your spirit comes with great discipline. You will need discipline to guard you against many temptations, and you will also need it to take control of your emotions. Yes your emotions when without knowledge, wisdom and intuition will create an unbalance which will usually manifest a fundamental response that will become your mindset. This can cause you many difficulties as the extremity of yourself when emotionally entangled can lead to immature decisions which will have a profound effect on the circumstances which has been created.

The Spirit that manifests inside of us also has an intuition which with emotions very much protects us from ill content from others. But many choose to ignore our inner self and simply run on emotions. What we see today is the external aspect of people that are followers,  as nearly everything has practically been taken from us and we are now living in times where responsibility of your own self is being delegated to others in just about every format.  We all carry the genetics of our ancestors and they very much knew that to be self reliant, to grow your own food and make your own clothes and work with the natural world around them developed a healthy spirit. This gave them the necessary skills to  carry to the next generation and not let themselves be delegated to others as they took many of  their life aspects in to their own hands.

The Inner work must be approached with great care as it is facing yourself and confronting your very own dark side which many will not do. To walk the path of a living spiritual man or woman you must come with the terms of the neutrality within yourself. We live in a system of extremes that is the negative and positive polarity that can be generated at any moment. Neutrality does not mean you take no actions when difficult occasions arise, in fact the best warriors will be the calm in the storm when action is forced upon them. Fundamental belief systems on either the right or left spectrum on any subject will cause a charge and discharge, therefore being in a neutral balance will be the most natural state and welcome you to the natural homeostasis of the true universe inside of you. Find peace within yourself, let your spirit calm the mind and resist your dark temptations and you will find harmony that will vibrate your spirit at a higher level.