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Detox Coaching

One on one Personal Detox Coaching.

Welcome to those who are ready to take this journey of holistic nutrition & detox coaching as healing oneself comes in many forms. Unfortunately the vast majority of us do not realise that every day daily activities in your home, car and in your work environment make you come in to contact with hundreds if not thousands of toxins. To make things worse the foods that we eat and the liquids we consume have also been added with toxic additives and preservatives that after time build up inside the body creating all kinds of health issues that you might not even be aware of as this can effect our emotional state. Our emotional detox coaching also includes the initial process of releasing toxins from your body that cause emotional disturbance.

Additives & Preservatives are addictive it is one of the main reasons that we keep coming back to our favorite foods again and again full well knowing that over consumption will catch up with us sooner or later. The addiction I believe is known in the food industries but in this day and age profits are far more precious than peoples health. Sugar and trans fatty oils are also being over consumed it is no wonder we are seeing an obese epidemic throughout all western countries.

How do I clean all the toxins out of my body?

When contacting Healingenergetics I will explain the internal bodily organs and how they interact with each other which will have wellness coaching strategy. I will also explain where does the unhealthy toxins build up in the body and how it affects your thoughts & personality as well as your lifestyle. I will make a specific personal detailed plan on what products will be needed for a natural detox cleanse and flush all these poisons out of your body. I can also coach you throughout the process depending which quoted plan you choose from. As a part of the process you will learn that we truly do have to go within ourselves to purge all the toxins and emotions out of our body which in most cases are connected to the toxicity detoxification inside the body so we can breath within without all these influences inside of us.

There will be different stages for a full body cleanse detox of Toxic elimination throughout your body. This will emphasize on the Colon, Liver, Kidney & also a Parasite Cleanse. Your diet will then also be encouraged to eat for your body type which will then consider eliminating certain toxic substances such as sugar. There is also certain protocols that can be taken such as our detox cleanse kit to continue eliminating toxins as the human body does need time to recover from toxic removal therefore this is not a quick process. When all these stages are put in to practice you will notice that the energetic patterns that resonated the food and drink addictions will now be cleansed and that you can start a fresh without the impulses to go back to old habits. This of course not only takes on a psychological aspect that we will discuss but also take back your health in to your own hands where it should have always been.

Will a Cleansing Detox raise my Conscious Resonance?

Once you purge all the toxins out of your bodily functions you will have a clearer mind and also a body that is grateful that you finally assisted in repairing the damage that was happening inside of yourself, this in itself will raise your frequency field. To many people of today are looking for external solutions or medications to solve their problems but what most do not realise is that when we go to the shower every day we clean our outsides, then why would we not clean our insides it is a very logical question.

The ancients had vast knowledge in herbal Formulas as well as how to cleanse the insides of the Human Body which was a regular event, So why is it that in this day and age the wisdom of the ancients have disappeared. If you have read this article so far you will know the probable answers being mainly to do with instant gratification, Laziness as well as profit making corporations making profits from our misery.

How much do you charge to be a Detox Coach?

I live in Adelaide, South Australia as I can either come see me personally in Prospect/Medindie area or we can Video Speak on Skype or Zoom even if you are interstate which ever is convenient. A initial consultation will last approx 60 minutes where we will discuss in detail your current diet as well as numerous reasons and information why cleansing the insides of your bodily functions is necessary for long term survival. Initial consultation will cost approx $100.00 in my city. Clients around Australia will be also $100.00 for the initial consultation using Skype of Zoom to discuss your needs.

What will happen once the consultation is finished ?

I will then make a specific quoted plan for your needs to be implemented which I will then present to you. Once agreement has been taken upon we will take the necessary steps to healing your inner self as well as advancing your inner bodily consciousness level to the next step in Human awareness that  very much will transform the spirit inside of you.