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EMR Health Testing

Healingenergetics now offers EMR testing which stands for Electro Magnetic radiation. People have to start realizing that all the EMR products that is surrounding them such as Wifi fields, Electrical cord fields, Mobile Phones, Microwaves, Phone towers to name a few is causing health problems and in some cases terminal illness.

We now offer the Service where we can scan your residence or work location and let you know where exactly is the EMR fields that can be causing health problems at your location. This service is ony for South Australia only where I am currently located. A report will be made as well as advice necessary to counter the effects of EMR price will be $90.00 Inc GST per visit.

Where do we usually record elevated electromagnetic fields?

  • In densely populated areas because of the presence of more mobile antennas, greater power consumption and more dense power distribution network
  • In houses where the low voltage cables are situated near high use areas (bedrooms, living rooms etc.)
  • In residences adjacent to mobile phone masts, power lines and transformers
  • In offices because of the multitude of electronic and wireless devices
  • In apartments due to the presence of a multitude of wireless phones and wi-fi modems
  • In older homes due to wiring problems
  • On the upper floors of buildings due to increased exposure to high frequency antennas
  • In the lower floors with insufficient ventilation due to elevated levels of radon
  • New Smart Meter appliances on the wall near you are located during the day or night.


How does EMR affect on your health

  • Increasing Links to tumours through Mobile Phone use
  • Increasing links to tumours and Cordless Phones
  • The link to changes in Biology and behavior
  • Concerns in radiation of Children
  • Possible problems with Leukemia & Cancer
  • Vision Difficulties
  • Dry, Red Blotchy Skin
  • Abnormal levels of tiredness difficulty concentrating
  • Headaches loss of memory or depression
  • Stinging, hot , swollen and blistered faces
  • Pain in arms, Shoulders, and joints
  • dry mucous membranes, abnormal thirst
  • Stuffy, runny noses, sinusitis
  • Pain in the face, jaw and or teeth
  • cramps, numbness, or prickling sensations
  • Faintness, dizziness, or nausea
  • Sores, blisters, or a metallic taste in the mouth


Best product to help stop Electromagnetic Fields

There are two methods that can minimize these Electromagnetic effects that we can implement. Energentics products formerly known as Aegea make a range of products to provide resistance towards Electromagnetic effects you can check here on my website and click here to join and get Aegea Products. We can also use advanced Crystals that will implement protection from EMR waves affecting your health. Tests will be done and the best positions for the necessary Crystals would be implemented. You can contact us and I can test your areas of concern by going to our Contact Page.