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Matcha Green Tea

For those who want to kick the caffeine habit there is a much healthier alternative. To much Caffeine causes the adrenals to be overactive usually causing a crash at the end of the day. Coffee is also a diuretic, flushing liquids out of your body as one cup of coffee needs four glasses of water to compensate dehydration throughout.  For those hooked on coffee there is a much healthier Caffeine that can be used which has been around for thousands of years which is called Green Matcha Tea powder which comes from Uji Japan. The Uji region is synonymous with the highest grade of Matcha green tea powder in Japan. The region’s hilly terrain, high quality soil, mild temperature and prevalent mist all contribute to what many call the most excellent Matcha tea in the world. Matcha green tea has many medicinal benefits which includes a slow release of caffeine through out the body and brain making it more transferable.