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Most important Health topic the Liver Cleanse

How do you flush out your Liver naturally?

Why is this topic such an important fact that needs to be spoken ? because it could prevent the end of your existence on this planet. Now I know that sounds a bit too much for some but read me out and you can make your own decision if my words resonate on why it is so important to do a liver cleanse.

We are living in a time were much is provided for us and believe that our health is okay at the same time we are on the cusp of a major health dilemma across the globe where the peak of lifespans will now start to decline dramatically due to disinformation and blatant untruths being pushed towards us by the mainstream world. Unfortunately we have arrived at the epoch moment on this world where profits are way much more important than what is most beneficialĀ  for all of us. The issue is of your health and the time is NOW to start taking matters back in to your own hands.

Most people have heard about Gall Bladder Stones due to the fact that hundreds of thousand if not millions of people each year have operations to either take out the gallbladder and or remove the stones if possible. Is this all really necessary to cut you open and remove parts of your organs there must be a better way and thankfully there is but unfortunately we are lead to believe there isn’t a different way to mainstream medicine.

The fact is that most Gallbladder stonesĀ  come from the Liver and if you have stones in the Gallbladder you will definitely have many more in the liver. The problem is that modern day scanning methods can not see all these stones in the liver as they are usually small and can not be seen when they are attached to the Bile Ducts in your liver making them look like a normal part of your organ. When the Bile ducts are blocked then the magic of producing bile puts your liver in jeopardy.

Liver Bile is a viscous, yellow, brown, or green fluid that has a PH of 9.5 which is highly alkaline and has a bitter taste. Without sufficient Bile, hydrochloric acid entering the small intestine from the stomach can cause burns throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Also ingested foods remain undigested or only partially digested. So what does this mean it means when bile is insufficient fat is not absorbed properly. The undigested fat remains in the intestinal tract when it reaches the colon or Large Intestine the intestinal bacteria breaks down some of the fatty acids as well as releases it with your stools where your stools will float in the toilet bowl due to the initial lack of Bile to help with this process.

When fat is not absorbed properly calcium is not absorbed either, leaving the blood in a deficit. The blood then takes it`s extra calcium from the bones. Your bones then become fragile and problems (osteoporosis) actually arise from insufficient bile secretion and poor digestion of fats, rather than from not consuming enough Calcium. Few Medical Practitioners are aware of this fact and, hence merely prescribe calcium supplements to their patients without addressing the underlying reason for calcium deficiency.

As you see this opens up a whole can of worms because just with this process explained of what can go wrong also applies for many other symptoms that happen inside the body due to Liver stones blocking proper functioning of Bile throughout the body but i wont explain this all here because it will be many pages of literature that would need to be read. It would be fair to say that many of the diseases that have been ending peoples lives are the direct result of one of the most important organs in your Body and that is the blockage of the Liver. Children from 5 years old can have Liver stones due to the diet one consumes. Some adults have been known to have up to 70,000 Stones in their body upon death.

What causes Liver stones ? It`s mainly the diet as the amount of preservatives and additives in much of our modern day foods causes toxic build up in your liver and stones start to form. To much sugar is also causing this problem and for many Sugar is being consumed at-least 30x more than the normal level each day that the body can consume. Soft drinks are definitely sugar bombs which also at the same time strip important minerals out of your body. Fabricated Salt is also a big problem it has virtually nil benefits for the body whatsoever and causes harm to the insides of your body scraping against intestines like glass due to the lack of nil nutrition in fabricated salt. Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt is the best salt having the necessary Minerals and is healthy to eat and is natural 100%.

If you suffer any of the following symptoms, or similar conditions you most likely have numerous gallstones in your Liver and Gallbladder.

Low AppetiteĀ  2. Food Cravings 3. Diarrhea 4. Nausea 5. Frequent Vomiting 6. Pain in the Upper Abdomen 7. Shakes and chills 8. Constipation 9. Clay Coloured Stools 10. Hernia 11. Flatulence 12. Hemorrhoids 13. Dull pain on the right side 14. Difficulty breathing 15. Liver Cirrhosis 16. Hepatitis 17. Most infections 18. High Cholestrol 19. Pancreatitis 20. Heart Disease 21. Brain Dissorders 22. Duodenal Ulcers 23. Nausea and Vomiting 24. A “Bilious” or angry personality 25. Depression 24. Impotence 25. Other sexual problems 26. Prostate diseases 27. Urinary Problems 28. Hormonal imbalances 29. Menstrual and menopausal disorders 30. Problems with vision 31. Puffy Eyes 32. Any Skin disorder 33. Liver spots especially those on the back of the hands 34. Dizziness and fainting spell 35. Loss of Muscle Tone 36. Excessive weight or wasting 37. Strong shoulder and back pain 38. Pain at the top of the shoulder blade and/or between the shoulder blades 39. Dark colour under the eyes 40. Morbid complexion 41. Tongue that is glossy or coated in white or yellow 42. Scoliosis 43. Gout 44. Frozen Shoulder 45. Stiff neck 46. Asthma 47. Allergies 48. Headaches and migraines 49. Tooth and gum problems 50. Yellowness of eyes and skin 51. Sciatica 52. Numbness and paralysis of legs 53. Joint diseases 54. Knee Problems 55. Osteoporosis 56. Obesity 57. Chronic fatigue 58. Kidney diseases 59. Cancer 60. Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia 61. Alzheimer`s disease 62. cold extremities 63. Excessive heat and perspiration in the upper part of the body 64. Very greasy hair and hair loss 65. Cuts or wounds that keep bleeding and do not heal 66. Difficulty sleeping and insomnia 67. Nightmares 68. Stiffness of joints and muscles 69. Hot and cold flushes 70. Multiple chemical sensitivities. And also many more ailments that we haven’t mentioned

Stones Flushed out after one treatment once a Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse is done

How do I do a Liver and Gallbladder Flush ?

You must get the book The amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush from Andreas Moritz as I have put some of the info from this book on this page. He was a master Ayurveda practitioner and world renown for his natural Organic medical Knowledge. This book will give you the complete run down on all symptoms as well as the best procedure to do a harmless Flush without any complications.

Some advice I must give you do not stop at one cleanse, some people have 8 flushes and then do 2 x yearly for maintenance. You must keep doing them because when getting all the stones out of the body it is usually the biggest stones that are right at the back and take many treatments before they come out. Depending on the Individual and related health problems anywhere from 8-12 flushes will be needed. If you are not keen to use a colon board to flush your colon as advised in the book before doing a Liver and Gallbladder flush please use Zeolite for many weeks and change your diet to preferably to a vegetarian diet weeks before the Flush.