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Nootropics Information

What is Nootropics and how do they work?

So the question is what is Nootropics well you might have heard of this word before but do not really know what it is. To explain it in a straight forward way it is a Natural Cognitive Enhancer that delivers clarity and performance generating more memory creativity and higher existential thought patterns. Certain Nootropics can also assist the Human Body resonate at a more healthier resonance.

There are different methods of natural earthly products that can cause these effects and it is important to not get caught up in the hype and believe everything that is out there that claims to have the latest formula. Certain Nootropic elements include Herbal Tincture Formulas and Powders as well as certain Monatomic products and ancient plants and formulas used in indigenous populations worldwide.

One of the main reasons currently why we are not functioning at a 100% level of clarity and resonance is because much of the food that we eat today has additives and preservatives which do not agree with the natural process of the human body. Pretty well nearly every processed man made food has a additive or preservative in it that strip important elements out of your Human Body so the more your body craves nutrition the more it gets stripped out this is why you are seeing a major obese epidemic as more and more toxins are saturating the intestines and being stored as waste. Also much of the foods being grown are known to be losing there nutritional value and studies have confirmed that every ten years the nutrition of food is declining due to various reasons one being over use of the same soils again and again without the proper Natural Mineral Recovery that should happen.

How are we surviving if we do not get the full nutrition you ask? Well the human body is also very much it`s own pharmaceutical manufacturer inside what is lacks in nutrition it will try and create and distribute to the areas needed inside the body. This is our in built survival system and without it our species would have perished a long time ago. This should not be taken for granted because in this day and age our modern day diets are horrendous to say the least and this is causing many problems, ailments, diseases and more.

There is now a growing amount of people who are looking for more natural better nutrition for their health as well as better cognitive functioning for every day use. Some of the products that I recommend have been tested by myself and friends to give you the run down on what works which you will see on this website. It is also relatively important to re-activate your Pineal gland as unfortunately this very important part of our anatomy has been calcified through Fluoridation  of our water supplies also limiting your awareness and cognitive functions.

Unfortunately we are lacking natures nutrition and it doesn’t help that there is a million and one products out there to confuse us even more as this is the dark side of Nootropics with all the claims that possibly can not be true. Getting back to nature and her natural products is definitely the best choice with much research in between. I also have a high respect for Ayurveda products as this ancient health system has been around for thousands of years and was around long before profit making Corporations concentrated more on profit than reality.

Who Uses Nootropics?

Students aren’t the only ones using the best nootropics supplements for excelling your cognitive functions

High performers in every facet of life are always looking for an edge:

CEO`s of companies
High Performance Athletes
High Cognitive professions
Health Enthusiast

What is Biohacking?

You would be suprised to know that high achievers of every variety are catching on to nootropics. Many of the High achievers in business situations have investigated nootropics and are generally using some form of product that helps with Cognitive Functions. This obviously helps keep them sharp minded as well as when needed work longer hours without the brain slowing down.

And there’s an entire “biohacking population” that is always experimenting with different or the latest nootropic supplements to improve their cognitive performance. Biological hacking is also a phrase used to increase physical and mental performance.

More information will be provided on this topic in the coming articles that will be released as I will determine certain products and there functions as well as the process of how to implement nootropics to your every day life to switch on your clarity and creativity.