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Our Pricing

Biofield Tuning, Acupoint Tuning & Planetary Tuning we now have an office/room for tuning in Adelaide Metropolitan area Price is $120.00 per session contact us today for the address. The amount of treatments needed vary some need more than others,  treatments last approx 90 minutes. Acupoint Tuning could or could not be utilised depending on client type and time permitting. Planetary Tuning is done upon request for those who want to go more in depth with their bodily Astrological energy psychology.  Contact Us today at contact@healingenergetics.com.au

VoiceBio Voice Frequency Test we now have an office/room for tuning & testing in Adelaide Metropolitan area contact us today for the address price is $120.00 per session. We will record all the frequencies within your body from your Voice with our VoiceBio test. Our software algorithm will then determine the musical scales of each area of your body to show us where physical health is lacking or over-stressed. We will then have an in depth discussion about your health what can be done to alleviate any of these symptoms and also make a report sent via email to you specifically for your body type you will be approx up to 1 hour on site. Contact Us today at contact@healingenergetics.com.au

Detox Coaching & Nutritional Advise we now have an office/room for consultation in Adelaide Metropolitan area Price is $120.00 per consult. A general discussion will be about cleansing your health with detox protocols, we will also discuss your diet utilizing food and water as medicine plus discuss Toxicity within your body and how we can treat it. Many of the processed foods that we eat have preservatives and additives that are not beneficial for the body and can cause adverse psychological and physical reactions. Initial Consult on Zoom or Skype anywhere in Australia $100.00 Contact Us today at contact@healingenergetics.com.au