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Planetary Tuning

What are planetary Tuning Forks?

Planetary Tuning Therapy uncovers an extra layer of energy healing due to its intricate sound alignment with the planetary energy grid that surrounds us.  The Electric Universe theory suggests that each planet is connected to the sun Via Birkeland Currents therefore the energy of each planet is an archetype that is being felt by the astrology of each living being on this planet. Planetary Tuning goes even deeper and unfolds the Onion layers to assist with Psychological, Physical, emotional and Spiritual clarity. If your Astrologically minded then our solar system Planetary tuning can assist with the energies of our subtle bodies. Each tuning fork has been tuned to duplicate the exact frequency and sound of each Planet and the Sun in our solar system.

The Psychological functions of the planets

Each Planet has a Core Function:

Sun: Basic identity, will, conscious purpose Moon: emotions, feelings, habitual responses Mercury: capacity to speak, think, learn and reason Venus: capacity to attract what is loved and valued Mars: capacity to act and be assertive, based on desire Jupiter: Search for meaning, truth and ethical values Saturn: capacity to create order, form and discipline Uranus: unique individuality and urge for liberation Neptune: capacity to transcend the finite self through union with a larger whole Pluto: capacity to transform and renew

Planets in relation to illness

The Sun is indicative of inflammation, infection, fever, energy problems, heart disorders and cell vitality.

The Moon rules inconstancy, emotional disorders, water balance, bodily cycles, allergic reactions, bodily secretions, mucous formation, altered body rhythms, acute ailments and psychological problems.

Mercury is involved with respiratory disorders, nervous system disorders, mental health, altered cell communication, hormonal balance and speech disorders.

Venus rules blood sugar imbalance, venous circulation, imbalance of bodily energies, cosmetic skin problems, lack of tone, benign growths and reduced input of sensory organs.

Mars rules infection, inflammation and acute disorders. It is involved with acidity, surgery, accidents, irritation, fever, eruptive action, bruises, wounds, acidosis, burns, ulcers, flare-ups, pain, muscular disorders, hemorrhages and blood ailment.

Jupiter rules arterial blood circulation and the function of the liver, disease caused by excess, disposition of bodily fat, swellings, enlarged organs, engorgement, obesity, faulty condition of the blood, lung hemorrhage, assimilation.

Saturn is involved with chronic disease, under-activity, alkalinity, cold, retention, crystallization, calcification, obstruction, malnutrition, uric acid deposits, malignancy, atrophy, skin disease and hair loss. it constricts, limits and hardens.

Uranus rules in co-ordination, nervousness, stress related ailments, spasms, accidents, surgery, sudden illness, cramps, convulsions, ruptures, seizures, twitching, restlessness, heart palpitations, epilepsy and accidents caused by electricity or explosion.

Neptune rules drugs, alcohol, poisons, misdiagnosis, mysterious/hidden illness, bodily weakness, addictions, hallucinations, coma, overdose, delusions, sensitivity to medicines, the immune system and malignancy, it softens and relaxes.

Pluto rules malformation, hereditary disorders, massive infection, bodily transformation, amputation, cell replication, inflammation, bacterial infections and malignancies.

Planetary Ailments

Sun: those relating to the heart and of fevers Moon: those relating to the fluids of the body Mercury: those relating to the mental faculty and those associated with nerves Venus: Those relating to the Kidneys Mars: those relating to heat by whatever form Jupiter: those relating to excess, growths and swellings Saturn: those that are restrictive in some way and hinder normal health Uranus: those that arise all of a sudden and those of the nerves Neptune: anything that impairs normal functioning or gradual erosion of functions Pluto: anything hidden or deep.

Planetary Tuning Therapy is not regarded as a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice.” If western medical diagnosis is required, then the appropriate referral is strongly recommended.