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Problem foods that are rarely discussed

It would seem that the so called main stream food pyramid table is not necessarily assisting our health. There are many questions when it comes to the correct food nutrition needed for our everyday functioning. In fact if you don’t get the correct nutrition in to your body then problems do arise and it would be fair to say that most people today are walking around malnourished believing that they are doing okay.

All processed food which is anything that is not natural and put into packages and cans are detrimental to your health in more ways than one. Realistically fresh foods and preferably organic foods present a more natural approach to the correct nutrition needed by your body. Unfortunately supermarkets are overwhelmed with sugary carbohydrates and much packaged foods probably a choice of 85% when walking down the aisles.

Sugar is by far the most damaging Narcotic substance in the world today, tests have been done where rats were given cocaine becoming addicted and then given the choice of eating sugar the rats chose sugar over cocaine even though the rats was addicted to the cocaine they changed their preference.

Weston Price anthropologist and dental expert travelled the world in the 1930`s and 40`s studying native populations before and after western diets and found profound changes and ramifications to skull and jaw structures when eating too much sugary foods, white flour and processed foods. Sugar is the main culprit and actually causes intergenerational complications for each child if your parents also have a massive sugary diet before and after birth of their child.

The modern food pyramid table does not take in to consideration each individual and there body type and also their cultural food history going back thousands of years. Each individual has different genetic sensitivities and body types that need specific nutrition.

The problem with eating too much modern day meat

Our ancients would not eat Hormone injected cattle meat 3x a day like modern western diets do. In some cultures the weekly animal sacrifice was eaten once a week and the rest of the week was with other natural foods. Too much modern red meat causes a protein anomaly causing an overflow of protein which cannot be broken down therefore causing this overflow to gather in your body. Half the problem is the quality of the meat as it is well known that most cattle are fed growth hormones so that they get bigger quicker for a faster turnover. These hormones get in to the food chain and then start affecting us who eat the meat.  Meat is not what it used to be therefore when the ancients ate meat they did so with their cattle well respected and taken care of and grass fed with the best grasslands possible. Much of the cattle today are grain fed & injected with hormones which is not the same nutrition cattle should have to be at their fullest health.

The problem with drinking Homogenized & Pasteurized Milk

There is much controversy about this topic but if you again look at the ancients who lived from their cattle the only milk they would drink is Raw Milk as all the nutrition and vitamins come straight from the cattle.   Homogenized & Pasteurized Milk has been processed and heated up therefore most of the vitamins and minerals have extinguished itself in the process. What you are actually doing is drinking lifeless milk, too much lifeless milk can cause Liver & Gallbladder stones if you drink many liters a day as some people would do with their chocolate milk shakes and coffee etc.

The problem with eating too Much Dairy

If you are an avid meat eater and also Milk drinker and at the same time like to consume dairy plus eggs then it is fair to say that you are overloading yourself with Bovine protein which can’t be broken down due to an overload of Bovine Calcium and Protein. Too much dairy can have a detrimental effect on your bone strength as this calcium is made for cows and not humans therefore to much dairy can cause the overflow of calcium which needs to be broken down which causes minerals from your bone structure to be leached out of your bones to cope with this intrusion. We are not supposed to over indulge in dairy products as previously mentioned it also comes down to the health of the cattle and it would be fair to say most cattle are not as healthy as they once were in ancient times.

The problem with wheat and grains

It has become more obvious as of late that a certain percentage of the population is gluten intolerant which can lead to Celiac disease. Gluten intolerance is mainly a grain problem which causes bloating of the stomach and general tiredness during the day and lack of energy. The main culprit is Phytic acid which is in these grains and if not treated properly will cause these reactions in the human body. Our Ancestors used to do much special preparation with grains to make sure that the Phytic acid effect did not happen such as soaking and special milling techniques. The ancients also knew how to mix a combination of foods to stop Phytic acid malnourishment from happening as well. Too much Phytic acid actually strips Minerals out of your body this is why I have often wondered as a species if we were even meant to eat grains as it seems it is one of those food products that can actually be causing us some harm without us even realizing it.

Respecting your temple with ancestral diet

Although the Food Industry likes to lock us into one box when it comes to the now defunct food pyramid anthropological studies have confirmed that your ancestral diet is what confirms your health. As an example many of the cultures that lived by the sea for thousands of years had perfect teeth all their lives and no cavities as they also rarely brushed their teeth. Sea food, vegetables and native plants made strong robust Humans where the foods were eaten in moderation. A study with isolated Swiss Mountain dwellers found that the Milk and cheese that they ate was so nutritionally fresh, healthy and specially prepared in a proper manner that their bodies survived on this diet over many hundreds of years. Unfortunately once western diets started to infiltrate these Swiss Mountain folks health complications arised at a fast pace. Although there is a variety of foods you can now choose from it is sugar, white flour and processed foods you need to get away from. Cleaning up your own bodily temple should be the utmost first priority when advancing to the next stage of your development in this life. It takes a great deal of research to understand your body type so I give you my best wishes if you are going to make the effort to heal yourself with food nutrition therefore if you don’t respect your body which is a living organism then you don’t respect yourself.