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Psychological Introduction

The human mind has many mysteries that is now coming to the surface but is all that we are lead to believe in psychology the be all and end all of this topic. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle it is also what is in the unseen world that determines your mindset and also your behaviors to a certain extent. Mechanized psychology does have it qualities and truths there is no doubt about that but we will go deeper in to this subject and discover more than what is expected that determines who we are.

There are many factors that can determine the type of person you tend to be and we will discuss these alternative factors starting with genetics. There is certain genetic traits that are passed down to children from their parentsĀ  and grandparents and so on. These traits are genetic to a certain extent which will develop a template for your behavioral idiosyncrasies. This genetic expression which has been passed down through the generations will magnify certain traits and behaviors that are similar to your ancestors. One of the best ways to magnify and study this aspect of yourself is to see a Iridologist being an eye specialist as they can determine many of these genetic traits and explain more in detail about the constitutions of your genetic profile.

Psychological Sociology/Anthropology is also a topic that mainstream psychology does not speak as much about as mainstream seams to concentrate more on Neurological Psychology which is presented to the general public mainly for counselling purposes. Psychological Sociology studies the foundation of a certain culture or race and determines the set of belief systems and thought patterns which through millennia have determined certain behavioral patterns. moralities etc on a certain species of the human family. Psychological Anthropology can also determines which physical traits of the human race skull type and Blood type etc can cause certain types of behaviors as this is studied in detail.

Astrological Psychology this is a topic also rarely if at all discussed in the mainstream teaching apparatus. The Ancients knew many things and one of those topics was how the planets and the Sun as well as the moon influenced your mood type as well as what type of illnesses you are susceptible to. The Universe is full of energies and it is these energies that align as well as disconnect that can also influence your personality structure. There is a many who claim to be experts in this field but generally it is a interest and not a profession. To get a good overview of your Astrological psychology it is best to see a professional trained Astrologer who has been doing it for many years. Some so called Astrologers are very much ego practitioners looking for the fast buck giving the industry a bad name. Some also claim to be all spiritual and speak to angels, ascended masters etc I would completely keep away from these types as they are not stable in knowing their true inner self.

Biofield Psychology or the Auric Field is also a Psychology that is definitely not in the mainstream. As a Bio-field tuning specialist I have treated numerous people who have certain psychological issues. These issues manifest in the Auric field and can also determine your behavior as you will be carrying these issues around with you all your life. Biofield Tuning untangles these energy hot spots around your body and releases these tensions cleaning up your Auric field. Biofield Tuning is in affect a tune up for the subtle outer energies for the outer body. This is where the invisible comes in to existence as we all know that the air we breathe is around us well so is our energy field which is with us all our life. For more information on this please look at my website link for Biofeild tuning.

Eco-Psychology what is that you ask? it is the study of processes that determine planet earths bio-systems and Eco-systems. What does this have to do with psychology well it is also very much the cycles and patterns of Mother Earth that also influences our levels of psychology, To be in tune with this processĀ  gives us a more harmonious outlook in life and makes us live in peace with the Natural world around us. To give you an example the Schumann Resonance which is the earths resonating frequency is also connected to our brainwaves. Every planet has a certain stipulating resonance and so does the earth so it makes sense that we the guests on this planet would need to also resonate at a similar level. The Schumann Resonance is more connected to those who are more inclined to respect Nature and the Natural Laws of earth and her Eco-systems.

Obviously I have not covered everything about psychology in this article but for those who are reading this will know that what is being presented to us in universities and institutions has limitations. Education systems are very mechanical and un-spiritual they tend to look at the man made physical aspects to determine outcomes. Only time will tell if this attitude will change in the mainstream as ancient knowledge as well as new innovations will eventually be seen by more an more who follow the Natural Laws of the logos.