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Respecting Natural Law

What is the concept of Natural Law?

By studying the natural ecosystems around us you will start to discover the principles of Natural Law. To give an example of Natural Law we can understand how our bodily functions cooperate with each other although they are very much independent. As an example your internal body parts such as the Heart, Liver and Kidneys must work with each other and serve our lives to function at optimum efficiency through cooperation and not competition.

These natural laws are complete in themselves, so much so that they could be translated into our societies exactly, without change. This is because each cell, (trillions of them) every tissue, organ, system mental and emotional faculty is independent, yet a cooperative element of the whole.

Natural Law Ethics

It would seem that our modern day system infrastructures are developed in an unnatural way where competition in every format is creating a detrimental effect. These effects include the loss of Natural components such as Free Will, Ethics, Morality, Respect and Independence which is only a part of the operating system of natural law. You and only you with your Free Will make choices in your life that will follow the processes that will gain you your Natural Rights.

It would seem that many of those who rely on deity worship are delegating their own selves to external sources taking care of there ills and woes but not learning and accommodating the processes of natural law. To learn Natural Law will in a sense open the path to a higher level of consciousness as you are not completely delegating your own power to external sources but you are cooperating with the universal construct which follows Natural law. It would be fair to say that there is not much discussion in the construct of Natural Law and how we can integrate with these processes to show our utmost potential.

Knowledge is but one part of the equation of learning as it is acting upon that knowledge which determines the proper cognition of your mind. It would seem that lies and deception are all around us in this modern age of information and to use discernment is becoming an ever increasing difficulty. Natural Law and all the principles that come with it will give you a Moral obligation to seek the truth no matter what deception may be unleashed upon us. To understand the Natural terms of thought and conclusion you would then be venturing in to the realm of  psycho epistemology which is the field of psychology that studies thinking errors and resulting psychological problems.

Our higher faculties such as Perception, Reasoning, Imagination, Intuition, Will, and Memory play an important role in discovering who we really are as they are a part of our natural operating system. The information we process through our higher faculties then determines your decision making processes. It is your higher faculties that prompt us to think and evaluate and then plan our actions. The subconscious mind and the conscious mind also make continual decisions but it is the cognitive bypass to the subconscious mind allows the development of mental competence which is a part of our natural inclination of the laws of our consciousness.

Please see below the 20 principles of natural law for our Consciousness

Natural Laws was given to us by our Creator

Our Creator has modeled a free, peace-loving society within every man, woman and child, yet the individuality of each is preserved. So the previously given definition for natural law is established. There is no doubt that Creator excelled in the creation of our anatomy. Its purposeful vitality is as real as it is dynamic. But what about our mental processes? Did Creator give up, having built our bodies? Or have we abandoned cognitive metaphysics thereby failing to understand Creator’s full accomplishments? These are topics for another discussion.