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Self Transform

To become the fullest potential of who you really are there are certain principles that we need to follow such as the Natural Laws of nature at large. Modern society has disconnected us from our recommended Human blueprint which is organic in nature and is supposed to be connected to the natural world around us.

Healingenergetics is dedicated to seeking transformation for both your personal life and professional life. The information provided here will help you find a greater purpose as well as re-invigorate your bodily temple with natural alchemist techniques that the earth and the cosmos has provided for us.

Sovereignty of your bodily temple is needed to regain your independence as many of us have  unknowingly given away our power which we should never do. Learn how to regain your Sovereignty and uncover renewed self-confidence. You’ll also discover the secrets to higher performanceself-mastery, and self-actualization.

Discover how your Sovereignty has been usurped and how your Health, mind, body and soul can be transformed for self-development reaching a higher awareness to unlock your truest potential. One of the biggest obstacles in life is the schematic mindset that we have buried deep in to our psychology surrounding ourselves with belief systems that minimise our responsibility. So do you want to play the victim all your life or rise and create a new world around you.

Here is some information that has been gathered so start with what connects with you.

The 5 Principles

Natural Health Essentials

Health Introduction    Most important Health Topic the Liver Cleanse   Best product for a Colon & Bowel Cleanse   The Snake inside your Stomach   Why you also should do a kidney cleanse   Problem Foods that are rarely discussed  More Articles coming Soon

Nootropics for the mind

Nootropics Introduction    How to Decalcify your Pineal Gland    The Best Product to normalise your Pineal Gland    Best Nootropic nourishment for the Mind  Best product for a Brain Detox  Articles Coming Soon

Spirit Rejuvenation

Spirit Rejuvenation Intro    The Consequence of Cowardice    Respecting Natural Law  More Articles Coming Soon

Reclaiming your Sovereignty

Sovereignty Introduction    Claiming Physical Freedom   Claiming Spiritual Freedom  More Articles Coming Soon

Psychological Advancement

Psychological Introduction    Why being the victim creates illness    The New Age psychological operation    Service to Self or to Others what about the Law from Within !   The Psychology of Heavy Metal Toxins  More Articles coming Soon