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Service to Self or to Others what about the Law from Within

How many times has this been presented to us on all kinds of New Age Belief systems it is a slogan that has been sprayed from wall to wall. Esoteric communities have heard it said many times and that is the feel good mushy saying you are either service to self or service to others. Then we also have the many so called channelers apparently speaking to E.T`s with this valuable message to humanity that we must be service to others to spiritually advance, “Oh really” so then must we just continuously interfere with other peoples lifes because this is the path to enlightenment sounds like religious zealotry to me.

It now seems that concern for yourself and your own well being is a selfish act it doesn’t seem to matter that if your health is suffering you need to correct whatever ailment that has arisen or psychological problem that has arisen. It is commonly known for those people who constantly strive to help everyone else eventually fail in health themselves because they are to busy worrying about everyone else and exert all their energy to these external conquests on whatever moral crusade they believe will save the world. Then there are the energy vampires who feed of the crusading helper taking every ounce of spark that can be taken without the helper realising that they are either being used or duped in to doing things that are detrimental to their own life.

Respect for others is not a duty, or obligation to others. It is a self oriented morality that allows freedom for all others. Only by granting their freedom is our own guaranteed. Freedom is moral ‘service to self,’ within the equal rights of all others. To argue that ‘service to self’ must be forsaken for ‘service to others,’ without these distinctions, is to preach an inverted morality. To promote self responsibility and accountability is worthy indeed, but its moral authorship is singular within each, not singular as denoted by the idea ‘we are all one’. If indeed we are concerned with our brothers and sisters, then prime concern is for oneself and our own internal health. For if we can not take care of ourselves then what example do we set for others. As I have often said your health is very much a barometer of the type of life force & being that you are.

We really can learn the highest lessons in life by knowing the alchemical processes inside our bodies Biological systems which consist of organs, tissues, and cells. These exhibit strong relationships, independence, cooperation, support and respect. Many qualities testify strength through collaboration, and unity of purpose. The human design is truly a magnificent master piece as it is the independence, cooperation, support and respect of the alchemical process inside us that keeps us alive. When you look at the main natural ecosystems of earth you will see similar traits throughout. We can learn much from our internal designs more than we can imagine as respecting someones freedom makes sure that your own freedom stays intact and your health is flowing in a respectful manner.

It is the inner manifestations of man that our Creator has given to all of us that we endeavor to translate into society. What is within us is that determines our Moral codes our Consciousness of what is right and wrong. To rebel against Natural law within ourselves therefore creates great calamity in our world as we are not flowing with natural due process that surrounds us as we are fighting against it. Therefore eventually your inner being will deteriorate and send multiple warning signs but to many this will be ignored then the consequences of disrespecting your inner temple will show you the ultimate rejection and that is death. It is fair to say that the service to self and service to others dogma is very much another psychological operation from the Powers that be who believe rule this planet seeding more confusion into our fragile minds making us believe in the opposite in what we should really be trying to achieve. It is the balanced Homeostasis within ourselves and cooperation with those who need assistance which will show the greatest respect for knowing the real you and not some programmed version of someone else`s making.