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Sisel Products

Health Products that capture your youth with more energy

Sisel is an American Company that has researched health technologies for up to 40 years. As you know there is many main stream health products that claim to work effectively which are greatly exaggerated due to profit making margins that is the end goal of most corporations. What I like about Sisel is their integrity and honor within their research and effectiveness of their products as they have been transforming the health of people all around the world. Their latest range of health products are truly remarkably effective and that is why I have put my name to this range of health improving life changing products. Tom Mower the Director of Sisel and his extended family have studied intensively the effects of Stem Cells and Telomeres. When Stem Cells and Telomeres are properly re-invigorated with the correctly extracted natural organic supplements this effects the aging process due to correctly targeting specific cells of the body. Tom has brought this knowledge to the public with amazing results using the latest science with a remarkable array of Organic natural products that will not only make you feel better but also make you feel and look younger.

Sisel International’s New Release the A.G.E. Pill. Set to be the most powerful product in Sisel International’s product line. Discover the power of this breakthrough product. Tom Mower President of Sisel International shares this amazing science on anti aging life extension.

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The A.G.E Pill

The AGE Pill provides three classes of advanced, specialized super-nutrients to the stem cells to delivering intense support for:  1. Removing glycation buildups that inhibit intercellular proteins.  2. Reduction of toxins and cellular sludge resulting from lipofuscin.  3. Significantly increasing ATP-providing Biological Hydrogen to greatly amplify cellular electrical energy. Theoretically, this process could increase electrical energy within the stem cells three or four fold, to where you may “feel like you were 20 again!”  Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and biological hydrogen are believed to be key in supporting the releases of vast stores of energy that are available to your body. Your new, elevated energy could help your cells to rebuild, rejuvenate and provide an environment to work at more optimum levels, potentially providing support to alleviate the ravages to our bodies that occur over our lifetime.  Aging is the result of decay and degeneration in our bodies. If we can slow or even reverse decay and degeneration by providing the proper nutrients, we should be able to slow and even reverse the effects of aging.  The AGE Pill provides specialized super nutrients to the stem cells, which enhance and allow the natural processes of the body to operate more efficiently… to do what you want to do, so you can be what you want to be. Now you can be revitalized, and feel as youthful as if you were 20 again.  . . .

Tom Mower Discusses Resveratrol

Mounting evidence demonstrates that Resveratrol, increases the activity of a specific sirtuin gene, SIRT1, that protects the body from diseases by revving up the mitochondria, a kind of cellular battery that slowly runs down as we age. By recharging the batteries with Resveratrol, SIRT1 can have profound effects on health including increased energy and weight release support.

SISEL FuCoyDon Explained by Tom Mower

Cellular Health From the Sea This nutrient-packed supplement derives from limu moui, a complex sea plant found primarily around Japan and the Tongan Islands. Put through a furious gauntlet of scientific studies and research, the active component of limu moui (fucoidan) has been proven to provide nearly unparalleled support for a number of crucial biological functions. In fact, the National Institute of Health has shown that fucoidan highly supports increased energy, enhanced immunity.

Dr Becky Maes discusses Fucoydon

FuCoyDon® helps maintain normal glucose, hormonal, and circulatory functions in our bodies. By itself, fucoidan is an undeniably powerful ingredient. But we weren’t about to leave it by itself. We made it even better. Using an advanced, patented infusing process, we paired fucoidan with sulfur, giving birth to our incredible liquid supplement, FuCoyDon®. Taken daily, FuCoyDon® can provide an intense boost to everything from normal bodily functions to potent workout support.