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Sovereignty Introduction

Do you believe you are a sovereign being or are you living or just existing. If you feel there is more to life than a 9 to 5 occupation where paying bills never stop well then you will be interested to know that our real true human existence was never meant to be this way. To be a true Sovereign on planet earth you have to first mentally break free from belief systems and external forces disconnecting from Mommy & Daddy parentage syndrome pathology where you always expect some one else or belief system to take care of you for all your needs.

So how do I become a sovereign and take control of my life ? This comes with hard work as it is a complicated process as sovereignty comes in many forms not just doing things you couldn’t do before. Much work has to be accomplished to be on the true path of freedom. The path starts with your Health which has to be re-invigorated so you can acclimatize your physical self to vibrate at a higher resonance so you can perform at a higher function and not get worn down by society`s Matrix.

Your mind also has to switch gears and this will involve not just a health detox as explained before but also a Nootropic to kick start stale thinking patterns and create a more healthier mental pathology that will also charge up your creative abilities to fully function as a human being should. Once your mind has calibrated to the next level then you can work on your soul destiny of who you really are and accomplish what you have always wanted for this existence.

Sovereignty will now be expanded and you will learn how certain forces have usurped our individual Natural rights tricking us to submit to authority on a massive scale. You will then start to innerstand information provided that will explain why the world operates the way it does and why nothing ever changes for the betterment of humanity. Certain procedures will then be put in to place to change certain protocols that have governed your life which will now free you physically as well as spiritually at the same time.

All during the process of becoming a sovereign psychology will be discussed on all topics which will help you become a  sovereign and not just limited to standard materialistic psychological teachings. Psychological Pathology will be discussed on various issues as well as spiritual and physical freedoms and the interaction between these two life forces. Being a true sovereign is much work and if you have the time and patience then changes will start to occur just by reading these articles so I wish you Sovereignty and freedom in your path to enlightenment.