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I wasn’t sure about Tuning the Biofield as I have never come across it before. Luke explained to me the psychology of the Auric Field and how it represents an embedded memory of your life since you are born. After some treatments I started to feel much more focused and organised with my clerical skills so I decided to continue with more treatments to clean out all the traumatic stress that I had carried with me for many years. I recommend Luke if you are serious about improving your health and outlook in life.

Mark Ferdinands, Athelstone

I had done some research in regards to Biofield Tuning and read some of Eileen Mckusick`s literature in regards to how it affects different areas of the body. I have done meditation for many years and have found the Tuning to be more effective than I would thought it would be. It certainly felt that a weight had been lifted of my shoulders no doubt I will go back for more treatments soon as Luke knows how to pin point energetic problem areas around the body.

Roger Cathaw, Beverley

I met Luke after inquiring about doing a Biofield Tuning Session which he did and i noticed a shift in my energy awareness within 24 hours. I recommend Luke if you are serious about a different way to your health as he has much to offer in regards to understanding your bodily health.

Shayne Grieger, Glenelg

I contacted Luke after checking to see who would provide Biofield Tuning services in my area. We were so impressed with the tuning and knowledge presented to us that we decided to have a continuous monthly tuning. Luke also advised us how to detox the body and guided us to also do a liver flush to cleanse out any toxins in our body.

Carol & Philip, Mount Barker