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The Consequence of Cowardice

Does your Spirit and your subconscious mind beat inside of you will it not rest until it feels and sees the real truth of what is happening in this world. The illusions that we currently live in are all their to test our inner spirit yes many weak ones will fail but for those who follow the warriors path true enlightenment will shine on you.

Those who take action in their lives have started the pathway for what is true Love. True love is not in any way equality and extreme empathy for others as most are lead to believe as the road to hell is always paved with good intentions. Love is Knowledge & Wisdom Love is protecting your family and ones you care deeply about as it is shining your absolute loyalty, honor and respect for those who are genuine in your life.

Love is the absolute courage to take action when dangers arise that threaten your very existence for now and for generations to come. It is Cowards that hide in the dark utilizing tactics to undermine without showing who they really are and it is also cowards who let themselves be deceived by these tactics again and again without learning what these tactics are doing to them.

Victim mentality is a cowards way out as our ancestors would be absolutely ashamed of our current state of weakness to even utilize protection for ourselves let alone others. A warriors path does not necessarily mean violence as a warriors path can be an intellectual knowledgeable path with wisdom as this world is currently built on Mans Unnatural laws that in no way hold up the Cosmology of this planet and the Universe at large.

So the question is do you have the courage to break out of your conditioning the social engineering and come back to the Natural world the wonders of nature. Natural Law is what mankind is supposed to be in relationship with. Natural Law is the existence of the Logos before any of mankind’s laws and physical presence was stamped on this planet. Therefore shouldn’t we be encouraged to form a relationship with the natural ecosystems around us.

So the question is what is your Spirit yearning for what is your inner being requesting from you.  Are you being distracted every day by this bread and circuses clown world created around us. Then if that feeling arises inside your soul then it is time to start searching inside of your inner temples who you really are. I encourage those with the will to do so to break out of the identity Politics left or right Paradigm and the Moral Posturing the divide and conquer tactics that have been used against all of us for a very long time and become the Balance that you are supposed to be although easier said than done.