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The New Age Psyop

The New Age Movement is in majority another belief system agitprop that has encapsulated people’s minds to the extent that some of their belief systems actually are causing more harm than good. Of course not everybody in these communities have ill intentions and in fact there is some very intellectual independent thinkers who are directing some in these communities in the right direction as we all have to start somewhere when it comes to reviving life on planet  Earth. Like all movements comes the good the bad and the ugly but unfortunately I am going to have to concentrate on the ugly because in this movement many of the people involved are extremely feeble minded and get caught up in a self-righteous egotistical mind virus that some will never break out of.

Many of the new age belief systems seem to stem from spiritual gurus with sinister intentions knowingly and unknowingly who say all the right cliché’s claiming they have the tools for ascension and purification of the soul. They also believe in the Savior principle where E.T Aliens are coming down to save planet Earth and all they have to do is meditate and everything will be just roses and honey. A majority of the new agers also have lost their own internal backbone and look up to the group leader Guru without questioning what the leader is trying to accomplish which is mainly for their own selfish egotistical gain. Let`s not stereotype the new age movement but it seems that drug abuse does play a role with the kind of individuals that get in to these feel good and cared for groups. Obviously the drug use creates a subculture in the making that endeavors a certain pathological bee hive mindset.

It seems that many new agers are broken inside and need a sense of family to make them feel loved. Although this seems to be a caring side of our human nature they constantly need re-assuring of each other’s feelings so they don’t cause any calamity between themselves. This is where the hypnotic belief system comes in where they are not allowed to emphasize on anything negative believing that this will cause them mental and physical harm. In a sense they have become emotional children who cannot face any form of criticism as well as will not dare to look at any subject matter that speaks knowledgeable honest truth to many problems that are happening in the world today. Basically they are in arrested development therefore agreeing to a narrative that will satisfy everyone in a constant group think pathological mind control scenario where no one dares speaks out against the group.

Political correctness is also followed like a religion and many in the new age groups tend to be rabid Socialists in their mindset as the general  consensus is everyone is equal  therefore everyone should think and be the same as them. Throughout history we have seen this type of behavior again and again always with disastrous ramifications the equality scenario is usually implemented by force and the classical name for it is called Communism. Let me make this clear I am no fan of any political systems as they have all created their atrocities but let’s face it you are either a sovereign spiritual living Human being or you are just a follower of a political system that will lead you around the nose like cattle in a farm.

Let`s talk about the spiritual side of the new age belief systems as many do have good intentions but let’s inspect the mindset that accompanies these intentions. Because many are so feeble minded they will cling on to the latest supposed spiritual ascension dogma as one of their favorite past times is believing in all kinds of Angels and entities that are supposed to be helping their ascension. The devil is always in the detail so they say and let`s be extremely straight forward about this scenario apart from giving all their power away to entities which they are unwillingly inviting into their bodily functions these entities are assisting a mental pathology that is creating  a sickness beyond comprehension. Why is this a calamity waiting to happen well if you have any kind of common sense in your brain you would realize that in the spiritual realm there is a majority of trickster entities, angels, ascended masters that will come across with trickery but in actual fact they are Archontic and are looking for any spiritual sucker so to speak the re-charge because truth be said we are spiritual food that keeps these imposters alive.

So the question is is there any good spiritual beings in these realms? I would say yes probably but we cannot determine who they really are so do you want to take that chance I say not. The only people I would respect venturing in to this realm would be some of the shamanic healers that are trained heavily to understand these realms but in saying that you have to be very careful of some of these shamanic healers because most of them are frauds and are contacting the dark forces knowingly and unknowingly to gain extra powers for their own personal gain. So yes it really is a minefield when you go wandering in to the forest of spirituality.

Well let’s say this any human that gives their power away to any beings is in fact telling the universe that they are disrespecting one of creations greatest gifts and that is the Power of one self and the discovery of who you really are. It is not advisable to rely on others and give your power away physically or spiritually therefore you are a feeble child who is not ready to determine their own course in their life because they need an entity attachment to guide them in all their moves.  Remember what I said the devils in the details well any of the satanic forces In the spiritual realm are they going to show themselves as evil and pronounce themselves high I am evil with horns as that would defeat the purpose of being evil.  The dark forces are complete tricksters and unfortunately there is never a short supply of gullible humans it is quite disappointing how lost in the mind our species has become to not even question what is happening to them when they contact these realms.

How convenient is the new age movement to trap people’s minds and subject their energies to unseen forces it seems that this was the plan all along and that many do not realize that it is more than likely instigated by the powers that be who so call rule this planet. Those with an enquiring mind are starting to realize that many things do not make sense in this world and are starting to put the pieces together. The general conclusion is that the new Age Movement is a Psychological Operation that is very cleverly made to create a thought restriction bubble to feed the dark forces as well as keep many from seeking the real truths that are happening on this planet.  The weak minded will succumb but there are those at the other side of this movement that are more aware than others and do not easily fall for the feel good ladi da mushy bullshit. Let’s hope that these types can transform the new age movement and steer it in the right direction and that direction is for the future betterment of our species.