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The Snake inside your Stomach

For those who dont know due to lifestyle and staple western diets you will have the Snake in the stomach or to be more specific Mucoid Plaque in the Intestines. What is Mucoid Plaque you ask ? Well it is in itself a living entity that forms in your intestine walls like a thick rubbery substance that very much feeds from what you eat. The reason why Mucoid Plaque forms in the intestines is that we shouldn’t be eating certain types of foods. To say the least way to much Animal Protein which includes dairy and sugar being the main culprits.

I would also say that Mucoid Plaque would also be one of the reasons for sugar cravings as this entity inside of you wants to survive and be fed. Although I have not seen any studies to determine more about this topic. It would be fair to say that Mucoid Plaque would also manipulate your thoughts in regards to food and influence your energy field in your mid stomach region reducing your life force energy. Parasites will usually correspond with Mucoid Plaque but this living snake thrives the more you eat unhealthy foods.

Again the main stream Medical professions mainly do not talk about this topic and in some cases deny that it even exists. Eventually this snake ends up co-existing with your intestines and eventually blocks the recommended nutrition needed to survive therefore you will intensify your food cravings and eat more. This will be a never ending cycle which will eventually lead to major health complications which will end in pain and suffering. It is the main reason you will need to do a Herbal Colon Flush and probably more than one Detox flush to get these snakes out of your system.

Pictures of Mucoid Plaque after a Colon Flush which is a rubbery substance and not feces

How do I treat the Snake ?

Unfortunately there is no short cut to fixing this problem which will require more than a Colon Flush. You will have to consider reducing some Animal Protein foods which includes cutting back on Meat and Poultry which includes dairy if you each much of this every day. Sugar is also majorly over consumed in all soft drinks and beverages as well as Preservatives and additives in almost everything we consume. A average animal protein diet with much ground root vegetables and minimal fruit will also slowly starve the snake from future growth. Filtered clean Water with Fluoride filters will also be recommended. Kangen water is by far the best water to help heal and keep your organs in tip top shape but make sure they have a fluoride filter to stop this toxin from entering your system. You can also use Spring water from a reliable source.

What product should i use to Flush the snake out of my body ?

There is one main product that is on the market that I would recommend. If you are overweight and have health complications then if you want the full snake to exit out of the body then I recommend using this product called ultimate herbal organ detox this product helps release Mucoid Plaque out of your system.

So looking at the photos above it would be fair to say that the snake in the intestines is a living entity and would influence your thoughts your moods and behavior. As all the toxins that have built up in the snake will very much need to be fed to stay alive. I cant prove what I am saying about this topic has been agreed upon but there is no doubt with the evidence I am forwarding here is that you have a living entity that is influencing your daily life. The question is how many other snakes do we have in the body that we do not know about due to unhealthy lifestyles.