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VoiceBio Testing

The human body is a intricate design that needs co-operation within itself to attain a equilibrium of health. One of the important factors of a Voice-Bio Diagnosis is that your voice which is your whole body speaking submits certain tones that determine what areas of your bodily functions are lacking or over active. These tones that are spoken resonate all the 12 scale musical notes which will then let our advanced Voice-Bio software determine how we can assist.

One of the main areas of concern that we have come across is the lack of Iodine in the diet as the musical Note of C is usually very low when testing clientele. The note of C is directly correlated to the thyroid and the lymphatic system. We have also found that the Musical note of B is also quite low on many clientele which represents the Colon or large intestine.

These two examples are some of the results from the testing that are done using the Voice-Bio software which uses a Microphone to get the full tone of your voice. I can then discuss and offer an alternative response to what the software diagnosis evaluates. The reading of the musical notes software from your voice will also tell me a story about your health in respect to other ailments that might be affecting you without knowing this was the case.

We have also found that the note of C# can represent Gluten sensitivity and that most clientele were thankful to clarify that this was the case found with our software. It would therefore seem that a considerable amount of people do not respond well to grains which can cause tiredness and a bloating stomach as well as lack of energy. One of the culprits of gluten sensitivity is the phytic acid that is in the grains that we eat.

Phytic acid should be taken out of grains via preparation but this does not seem to be the case in this modern day of fast turnover and high demand for foods. Our ancient ancestors would do different kinds of preparation for grains before eating them such as soaking for many hours and other methods which include mixing different food types to offset phytic acid effects. Unfortunately phytic Acid is well known for stripping minerals out from the body especially those who are more susceptible genetically for this to happen.