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Why being the victim creates illness

Illness comes in many forms but many do not realise that your mindset can create energy manifestations that are not tolerated by your overall physical existence. Victim mentality is definable as one who never takes responsibility for any of their actions as well as consistently blame others for any actual events that might be happening in their life. These kind of thinking patterns will manifest and effect certain body parts such as organs lungs, kidneys etc.

How can this be the case as it is only thoughts which are not relevant you may say out loud. You see everything that you postulate in your mind carries energy even the words you speak have sound frequencies and it is these thought injections and sound frequencies that determine your current resonance that is attributed to your body as a whole. The human body is made of trillions of cells and all these cells resonate to form certain parts of your body as well as are set for specific functions.

The Victim Psychology mind pathology not only sends the wrong messages to your bodily cells it also in a sense is a virus of the mind where the thought processes are hampered and therefore can not function at optimal performance. These energy packets that are being created with thoughts are transcending ill intention as well as a major lack of responsibility to take care of yourself. This eventually spirals and creates a manifestation that confuses your cell structures of your bodily template and creates illness within.

The illness can manifest in many ways but in some cases may take many years before certain ailments appear that are not explainable. Victim mentality can also come in many forms as constant extreme anger against a topic, person or government that builds up extreme toxic feelings inside you. Generally you will find that most extreme zealots in all walks of life are effected by this pathology and seem to be on a crusade to create destruction with their toxic zealotry.

Another classical example of this current day dilemma of victim mentality is extreme Toxic Feminism where absolute hate towards men creates a bitterness inside a void of darkness that is rebelling against the natural tendencies of a female. Of course it is fair to say that there is some men out there that do give the male gender a very bad name indeed as the psychopaths that currently so call rule this world are mainly men.

For a female if you implement a crusading hateful negative female energy to the absolute extreme then your organic natural tendencies are being resisted and eventually broken. This is creating a mindset of distortion which sends these energy vibrations through out your body therefore sending the message of self destruction and a lack of care for your over-well sense of being. Eventually if this mindset continues and spirals out of control illness will occur in more ways than one.

Victim pathology also shows weakness of character of the individual at hand. The reasoning behind this is because in their world everything around them is determined with their mind pathology where nothing changes because everyone and everything else is to blame. This creates a victim of their own circumstances as this generally leads to personality types that get involved in cults and similar groups that scheme in the destruction of whatever it is they dislike.

Overall this mind virus I believe is catch-able because it is inserting thought injections to those around you who might not be strong enough to know what is right and what is wrong. The feeble minded often succumb to these thought injections and go through a period of rebellion. It would be correct to say that some people never break out of this cycle which can affect multiple generations of linear linkage passing down a detrimental psychology that has also in-bedded into to cellular memory. Therefore we have a mind virus that has found a new host and the virus stays alive as long as the host lives with the ignorance of the situation.